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Document   Modified Size
REA Guides.pdf   09/04/24 4.91 MB
Floor plan - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   09/04/24 1.07 MB
Record of Title - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   09/04/24 285.7 KB
School Zones - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   09/04/24 101.79 KB
Auckland Council Property File - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   09/04/24 2.43 MB
LIM Report - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   11/04/24 1.17 MB
Agreement for Sale and Purchase - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   01/05/24 1.69 MB
Purchaser acknowledgement form - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   01/05/24 102.5 KB
Rental Appraisal - 6,131 Ladies Mile.pdf   16/05/24 721.68 KB
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These documents are provided in good faith taking every care in their preparation, but are issued without any liability or responsibility for their accuracy or completeness. The recipients acknowledge that some of these documents are live documents, such as the LIM report and the title, and may well have changed in their content since being obtained; therefore, the recipients must rely on their own judgement in assessing the information. These documents may be updated throughout the property campaign and the recipient agrees to receive further email communication containing the updated documents when these updates occur.